This collection has been displayed on Internet since 2013, with a blank contact-page no any information, excepted only an email address for contact-us.

              By then, I face a lot of suspect questions about Mughal portrait and zodiac coins; ..... not authentic coins ..... a copy of the genuine coins ..... electrotype duplicates from British Museum ..... only images on display, no such actual coins ..... where from these images ..... the coins occupied by whome ..... who is the collector ?

              Ten years long on display with sharp and clear detail photographic images, to whome so ever suspect them may copy these images to compare and check with genuine specimens or images from other well-known collections to detect the detail of the obverse, reverse, and both the rims of that coin. If found that, exactly the same physical size and shape; it means duplicated copy or electrotype coin, otherwise they are another survived specimens have been kept in private collection never exposed to public before 2013. Then, may found many gold coins of this collection were struck from the same dies; die-identical with the specimens in the collection of the American Numismatic Society, New York, U.S.A. British Museum, London, England. National Museum New Delhi, India. Bode Museum, Berlin, Germany. ..... as states in the descriptions of each coins.

              It is a preliminary checking method by naked eye for novice collectors from photographic images. For professional method; actual coin should be confirmed by other tests, checking the weight and specific gravity, microscopic evaluations to determine surface compositions and minting techniques. Finally, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrography to test the purity and composition of all precious metals.

              I am the third generation whose possess them, really don't know about wherefrom. The previous owner used to said that; they were gathering long time ago, bought from Rawalpindi, Lahore and Kabul, only gupta coins from Rajasthan, taken many years before India and Pakistan partition in 1947.

              The valuable coins, mostly put in slabs protective-slabs in which coin are encased after they are graded. For me, I prefered two-pocket plastic flips, keep the coin in one pocket, a label in the second pocket identifying the coin, put all in a portable case that fit well in a safe deposit box at the bank.

                  Mr. Sinsethakul P.
                         10 April 2023.

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