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Indian Coins, Gupta. Samudragupta , 335-375 AD, Gold Dinar 7.83 g. 20.07 mm. die-axis 1 o'clock. Lyrist type.

Obverse: Part of legend around MAHARAJA DHIRAJA SRI SAMUDRAGUPTAH in Gupta-Bramhi script, Samudragpta overlord of Kings. King with halo around head, seated on a high-backed couch with lathe carved legs, facing left, wearing a waistcloth, ear rings, and necklace. Right foot tucked behind left, playing lyre (veena), Below couch is a pedestal/foot stool with SI in Gupta-Bramhi script.

Reverse: SAMUDRAGUPTAH in Gupta-Bramhi script. Goddess Lakshmi with halo seated facing left on a wicker stool wearing a long robe, jewellery and a cap. Right hand outstreiched, holding a fillet, left hand holds a cornucopiae, a border of dots. Struck on wide flan, minor deposits.

          The single character Si is probably short for Siddham a term meaning "success" frequently employed at start of religion donations to indicate the completion of work.

          The coin is die-identical with the specimen in the collection of the British Museum, London, England. (AN1221171001).

          There are several variations of this type, because of different dies.
A very rare genuine gold coin of the Gupta Imperial mints, solid gold coin not a filled metal electrotypes / reproductions.