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Greek coins; Bactria. Euthydemus I , 225-218 BC, Gold Stater 8.37 g. 17.6 mm. die-axis 6 o'clock.

Obverse: Diademed head of Euthydemus I right (young face), wearing taenia, a border of dots.

Reverse: Nude Heracles seated left on a pile of rocks, holding club in right hand which he rests on another pile rocks. Greek legen: BAΣIΛEΩΣ EYθYΔHMOY Of the King Euthydemos. Monogram in upper top left, a border of dots.

          The coin is die-identical with the specimen in the collection of the British Museum, London, (1867,0506.12).

          There are several variations of this type, because of different dies.
An extremely rare genuine gold coin of the Baktria Imperial mints, solid gold coin not a filled metal electrotypes / reproductions.