KUSH-04 Click on image for enlargement.

Indian Coins, Kushan. Kanishka I , 127-150 AD, Gold Dinar (8.21 grams; 18.7 mm.), die-axis 11 o'clock.

Obverse: Bactrian legend around þAONANOþAO KANηþKI KOþANO The King of Kings, Kanishka the Kushan. The king standing facing, head left, wearing helmet and diadem, clad in coat and trousers, and cloak; a sword at his waist, flames on shoulder, holding a spear in his left hand, and elephant goad in his right hand, sprinkling incense over fire altar left.

Reverse: ΛþOOAΣΠO in Bactrian script, IROOASPA. Bearded deity Drvaspa (a Zoroastrian god of horse), standing facing, head right, diadem clad in sleeved tunic, holding out a wreath over the head of a horse beside him facing right, a royal symbol (tamgha) in right field. Surrounded by a border of dots. Very fine.

          This extremely rare type is genuine gold coin of the Imperial mints, seldom found outside museum collections. If one does not find the die similarity, one should treat them with caution.