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          Kanishka I' successor was Huvishka I, who introduced a new device for portraying himself. The most common type on his gold coins is that of the profile bust facing genrally to the left and rarely to the right, wearing garments decked with jewels and a high or flat-topped ornamental gear, which may be distinguished into several types. He holds an imperial sceptre or club in his right hand and a spear in the left, resting on the shoulder. His other obverse in gold are, king mounted on an elephant holding an elephant goad in the left hand and a spear in the right, king seated cross-legged or diademed bust of king on symbolic clouds. All the Iranian deities, seen on the coins of Kanishka I, are also seen on the coins of Huvishka. He added many new deities on his coins.

          After Huvishka, only two divinities appear on the coins: ARDOXSHO and OESHO.