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Indian Coins, Kushan. Huvishka I , 150-190 AD, Gold Dinar (8.0 grams; 18.6 mm.), die-axis 11 o'clock.

Obverse: Bactrian legend around ÞAONANOÞAO OOΗÞKIKOÞANO The King of Kings, Huvishka the Kushan. Upper part of the king facing, head left, emerging from clouds; diadem and nimbate, wear conical helmet and coat of mail; flaming from right shoulder, holds a mace in right hand and spear over left shoulder.

Reverse: AÞAEIXÞO in Bactrian script, ASHAEIXSHO, sun-god standing facing, head left surrounded by radiate nimbus, extending right hand and two fingers raised, left hand rests on hip. A royal symbol (tamgha) in right field. Surrounded by a border of dots.

          The coin is die-identical with the specimen in the collection of the British Museum, London, England. (783879001).

          They are many variations in design, this rare type is genuine gold coin of the Imperial mints, solid gold not a filled metal electrotypes / reproductions.