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          Akbar had issued five-mohurs gold coins MUGH-01 and in Mihrabi shape to commemmorate some events MUGH-02.

          After Akbar had discovered the errors of Islam and had founded his own "Divine Religion", the objection to the representation of living things on th coins was no longer in force. Yet Akbar used images very sparingly. He also introduced the pictorial motifs on some of his coins.

          The earliest of this kind were issue in the regnal year 45. The gold coins that were issued to commemorate the conquest of the fortress of Asirgarh, the strong place of Khandesh, bear a hawk on one side and the mint name and date on the other MUGH-03, MUGH-04. Perhaps some silver coins were also issued on this occasion, on which Akbar is shown riding a horse with a hwak. Then mintless gold and silver coins were issued in the beginning of the 50th regnal year, where the effigy of Rama and Sita with the words Rama-siya in Nagari is seen on one side. A third pictorial coin was issued in the same year in the month of Khurdad from Agra. It shows a duck on one side MUGH-05.