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Indian Coins, Mughal. Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar , 1556-1605 AD, Gold Mohur (11.35 grams; 20 mm.), die-axis 6 o'clock. Commemorative gold coin, struck at Agra.

Obverse: Duck standing right with floral ornamentation in field, within double circles with pellet between.

Reverse: Persian legend ALLAH AKBAR KHURDAD ILAHI 50 ZARB AGRA, Agra mint and the date 50 within double circles with pellet between.

          The coin is die-identical with the specimen in the collection of the British Museum, London, England.

          This extremely rare coin is genuine gold coin of the Imperial mints, solid gold not a filled metal electrotypes / reproductions.

          Islam prohibits displaying the images or idols of human or animals. As soon as Shah Jahan came to throne, he imposed a death penalty for the use of these coins and ordered that they should be returned to the royal mint and melted. And for this reason, these coins are now rarely seen in museums or private collections, these coins are extremely rare.