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Sasanian Coins; Iranian. Ardashir II , 379-383 AD, Gold Dinar 7.5 g. 18.6 mm. die-axis 3 o'clock.

Obverse: Bust of Ardashir II right, wearing cap with diadem ties and globe with diadem ties. Diadem ties from above large ball of hair. Tied beard, moustache. Pahlavi script MAZDISAN BAGI ARTAHSATER MALKAN MALKA AIRAN Mazda-worshipping Lord Ardashir, King of Kings of Iranian, a border of dots.

Reverse: Fire altar with fluted column, diadem ties. Two attendants wearing caps with globe, diadem ties falling from shoulder, holding rod in both hands, facing inword, looking at altar, bust of Ahuramazda right in flames above fire altar. Pahlavi scribt NURA ZI ARTAHSATER Fire of Ardashir, a border of dots.

          There are several vareities of this type.

          An extremely rare genuine gold coin of the Sasanian Imperial mints, solid gold coin not a filled metal electrotypes / reproductions.